About the project



This ambitious initiative was launched by the Caydon Property Group and was inspired by the concept of transformation, realised potential and extraordinary creativity. Themes that not only underpin the work done by The Reach Foundation with young people across Australia, but also celebrate the unique heritage, fabric and legacy of one of Melbourne’s most dynamic locations – The Malt District. Using art as a universal expression of our common humanity, the experience was designed to bring together artists, supporters and communities alike, to create something truly powerful and remarkable.


About The Reach Foundation

Reach knows that today’s world is pretty complex, and young people can experience challenges that adults might not be able to relate to. Without opportunities for young people to become selfaware, create connections and share what’s really going on for them, adolescence can become a very difficult period full of challenges that may end up defining them. Since 1994, Reach has been running youth-led workshops to get people talking, so they can find their voice and own it. There are currently over 4 million young people living in Australia, and Reach proudly works with over 40,000 of them a year. From design to delivery, all Reach workshops are 100% led by an engaging group of 15-25 year olds called ‘Crew.’ The space that the Crew create during these workshops is one that allows for deeper connection, the dispelling of judgements, and builds a true sense of belonging, meaning and purpose. At the heart of it, The Reach Foundation creates new beliefs, connections and possibilities for all young people.


About The Malt District

This atmospheric industrial site was a former maltings factory, home to the landmark Nylex Clock. It’s the ideal location for such a unique urban art experience.


About Neonormal

Neonormal is a full-service brand experience agency working with businesses across Australia to transform everyday encounters into rewarding experiences. As people who love seeing great ideas made real, we believe in the power of human potential, and so – between the inspiring work that Reach does and the project’s creative ambition — Neonormal is honoured to help bring this project to life.